Attention Developers:

There are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.

Get the education you need to become part if this exploding technology!

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Learn to trust.
Learn to love.
Learn to forgive.
Learn to listen.
Learn to learn.
Learn to dream.
Learn to dare.
Learn to wonder.
Learn to write.
Learn to inspire.
Learn to change.
Learn to stand tall.
Learn to teach.
Learn to laugh.

Smart people love learning



This is what I saw when I opened the curtains in my hotelroom in this small village in Friesland, the Netherlands.

Feeling far away from the daily news.

The weekend is for positive tweets. 😊

📷 What was your first view this morning?

Have a wonderful #SaturdayMorning

Sometimes you'll find yourself in the middle
of Nowhere.
Sometimes in the middle
of Nowhere you'll find Yourself.

#SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayMorning

Sunday thoughts: as more businesses allow open concept offices with puzzles and foosball— instead of making the office more laid-back, isn’t it time to allow the flexibility of working from anywhere within reason? #digitalnomad #transformtheoffice

Another day at the office 🙂 I feel really lucky that I'm able to work anywhere. I've got a mobile broadband plan that's surprisingly fast (yay!) and the solar panels are charging my computer, camera batteries, and other gear I need to work. #vanlife #digitalnomad

We all make mistakes. But don’t make them twice.

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. #FridayFeeling

Channel everything you do for self-growth. Follow routine but retain your spirit of adventure. Follow rules but be flexible creating better opportunities. With everything you do, become a better you. #FridayMotivation

Usually I’m very strict with how and where I work. But it’s the week after release and I’m wrecked. Plus it’s raining. So today I’m treating myself to a work-from-bed morning.
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Sr PHP Developer (Work From Home)

This is a work from home position, so candidates located across the US and internationally are encouraged to apply.

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