Curiously, San Francisco's brokenness may turn out to be a driver of innovation. I spoke recently to a founder considering a GitLab-style all-remote model for a new startup. Partly because it seemed the future, but at least as much because he himself wanted to get out of SF.

.@remote runs its own international infrastructure. People employed through @remote will always be employed by the local entity of @remote. Not someone else’s entity.

This allows us to be much more affordable, flexible, responsive, and ultimately provide better service.

We have a new job posting! @thorn, a non-profit organisation defending children, is looking for a Senior Data Engineer.

Apply now!

Work from anywhere.

#Freelance tip: Use pointed hashtags (like writinggigs or developergigs) to search for #freelancing projects. #freelancer #remotework

Here’s yet another Saturday assembling IKEA furniture. But.. this time I’m excited: it’s a home studio for my wife & myself.

After years and years of #remotework, I won’t code from the living room. 🙌

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