Meetings are a tool. Not a modus operandi. They are the most expensive tool your company pays for, however, they are often unorganized, wasteful, full of overhead and counter productive. Working async brings you effectiveness and optimization of resources. Use meetings wisely.

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Here’s a peek into the spring-themed activities that a few remote workers are able to enjoy as part of their regular workdays:


As we’re scaling up @remote, we’ll be interviewing a lot of people.

What should and shouldn’t we do in interviews?

Take-home assignments?

Work together for a day? Longer?

Answers related to specific roles (designer / engineer), very welcome.

We’re working on something big at @remote. If you’re an engineer (Vue/React/Elixir), a designer, or an operations generalist, and want to help more companies work remotely, email me at job at remote.

The Importance of Networking for the Remote Work Professional

More Proof Remote Work Is Becoming the Norm

Evidence continues to mount to prove what the remote workers of the world already know: working from home—or a coffee shop or library or coworking space—is the new normal.

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