Smash that 🔴update🔴 button, All-in-One WP Migration users! (@wptavern)
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Unfortunately we won't be able to make it to Pressnomics this year, so we have two tickets for sale. PM us or contact us via email for the details. #Pressnomics

Random person: "I'm ready for a vacation!" 🙎
Freelancer: "What's this word...'vacation?'" 🤷

It might be time to create a contingency plan. Check out this post from @WPandUP:

23 Best Elementor Themes and Templates for #WordPress (2019) -

The wonderful team over at (@reviews_experts) recently did a case study on us to find out if there is such a thing as TOO many positive reviews 😳
Read their post HERE:

Practice makes perfect—or, at the very least, a better defense. And that’s just part of what Virginia Tech is now offering to those studying cybersecurity—both in higher ed and in high ... via @InfoSecHotSpot

Creating an efficient, streamlined process for client appointment scheduling is essential for satisfying your prospects and ensuring you don't lose their interest simply due to a lack of simplicity.

Here are the 14 best WordPress appointment plugins:

The WP Campus Conference (@wpcampusorg) is just 1 week away 🎉 This year we're excited to be one of the sponsors alongside our sister company, @CampusPressWP!

WP RSS Aggregator's grid template can be used to create video galleries for Youtube videos in just a few clicks 🖱️

All you need is the channel or user URL to get started. Here's the low-down on how to do it:

How to Change Author URL Slug and Base in #WordPress -

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