“We have a police chief who goes to Black churches and says, ‘I understand policing in America started with slave patrols, and that’s an ugly racist history.’”

Stockton, CA mayor @MichaelDTubbs on how he's bringing people together to heal and transform his city.

This morning we ran our first TV ad on Fox & Friends and Morning Joe. We’re telling those in the halls of the White House and Congress, the NRA’s boardroom, and the penthouses of 5th Avenue: young people will determine the nation's future. #OurPower

Why is the census so important and what’s going on with census suppression? @DulceSloan reports:

The only Trump rallies happening right now are in the water. @jordanklepper meets Trump boaters: https://t.co/gjcfREZ10s

FRIDAY: @BillMaher welcomes @ChrisEvans, @meghan_daum, @PaulBegala + Col. Lawrence Wilkerson to #RealTime @HBO!


Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend did what anyone might do during a home invasion: used his legal firearm to defend himself.

America is facing a nationwide poll worker shortage. Join the 60,000 people who have already signed up to be a poll worker (and get paid) at https://t.co/70gHiVzDaT

Trump wants schools open whether it’s safe or not, so make sure your kids are prepared!

TONIGHT join us in honoring an American icon. Watch John Lewis: Celebrating a Hero at 10pm/9c on CBS and @CBSAllAccess. #JohnLewisCelebration

“He’s hoping that it either goes away, or it leaves our attention span, so that he can get back to pretending to be president.” @HillaryClinton sounds off on Trump’s disastrous response to the U.S.’s COVID outbreak.

Full interview: https://t.co/QquDobciEd

It’s been one year since the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. What have we learned? Why do mass shootings keep happening?

Who’s Trump turning to now that he’s told Fauci to f**k off? Dr. Demon Semen.

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