We don’t see why Trump wouldn’t have said “wouldn’t.” Full piece: https://t.co/kQwU0jql6x

Remember when America had a president who could dance and speak English? https://t.co/QHQ4D3CvM1

All Trump had to say was that he believes Russia meddled in the election, but his being Donald Trump got the better of him. Full piece: https://t.co/kQwU0jql6x

President Trump does damage control amid backlash for his support of Vladimir Putin, and @wizkhalifa talks about his new album "Rolling Papers 2."

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TONIGHT: In a world where Everything Is Stupid, @ronnychieng breaks down the latest stupid thing.

Guys, Trump actually said Mexicans were THERAPISTS. It all makes sense now!

In America we don't even have an immigration problem. We have a
my life didn't turn out the way I wanted to so I blame other people problem.

TONIGHT: Is that an 🍆 in your pocket or are you just excited for World Emoji Day?

Because Trump publicly asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, it’s somehow not as big of a deal. #BetweenTheScenes

Now that Trump is finally vulnerable, watch the Democrats NOT go for the jugular. Sad. And I say that very strongly.

Trump disses the Queen and suddenly the U.K. loves the royals. Actual British person @ginayashere breaks it down: https://t.co/URtQkL3tqF

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