Tonight’s opponent @adampally is promoting his new film, “Most Likely to Murder.” Finally! An honest Hillary biopic.

We ask @AnnieWaldman if there is a school-to-prison pipeline, or if that’s just the worst ride at Six Flags.

THIS CAN'T WAIT: The Bill Cosby conviction is justice... but it puts Jordan a little on edge for Trump...

When grandpa's telling the same stories again and you can't get him off the phone

Whoa now Kanye is leaking @jordanklepper’s text messages ABOUT John Legend.

In case you’re unfamiliar with iconic GOP props Diamond and Silk, let @niccolethurman catch you up.

"I don't have time for two reasons, there is too much, and I don't have time, but I would watch, whether it is good or bad I would always watch. I have an ability... They're as bad as CNN. I don't -- by the way I made them a fortune with the Apprentice..." #TakeYourChildToWorkDay

We must protect the environment... around EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. He needs a sight-proof booth too! #BootPruitt.

It's #TakeYourChildToWorkDay which is good because kids have had a free ride for too long. START CONTRIBUTING LIKE THE REST OF US!

Dr. Ronny Jackson has withdrawn his nomination for VA secretary after allegations of alcohol and prescription drug issues surface:

Breaking: Trump unveils new Lincoln Memorial engraving on Fox & Friends.

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