I'm over Mueller already. On to Javanka using private e mail/WhatsApp for official business - any other WH, this wld be a giant scandal, and by this I mean giving WH jobs to these two ninnies. What about Tiffany, does she have a boyfriend? Maybe he can run SpaceForce on Snapchat.

“In some ways, ‘Sissy’ was the first word I had to even name my difference. I didn’t know the word ‘Transgender’ when I was a kid.”

@JacobTobia on naming their book, “Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story” Full interview: https://t.co/PW4jTaOI3I

Makes perfect sense 🍻

Full #WomensHistoryMonth piece with @DesiLydic: https://t.co/gkngJyC8Cd

Hypothetically speaking, prepare to hypothetically see some Biden/Abrams t-shirts…

“This kid is running through the neighborhood yelling, ‘We got Odell! Odell is coming! Odell is coming!’ He’s like a football Paul Revere.”

@roywoodjr and @ronnychieng on one Cleveland Browns fan reaction to the OBJ Trade. Full clip: https://t.co/9UUNGaP9CQ

I don’t need the Mueller report to know Trump is a traitor. I have a TV. w/@RepSwalwell #SubpoenaMueller

Trump has tweeted over 170 times that this is a witch hunt. And yet there are criminal charges against 34 people, including six Trump associates Manafort/Cohen/Flynn/Stone/Papadopoulos and Gates that's a lot of witches.

Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t a real thing, so, on the rare occasion when Trump says something not stupid, don’t act like you have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Welcome to all new Tweeps who watched @RealTimers tonight! Glad to have you here. I’ll take disagreement as an invitation to engagement. Hope you will, too. @billmaher

#StartTheClock: @BillMaher is LIVE with @IrshadManji, @ericswalwell, @EvelynNFarkas, @KSoltisAnderson + @larrycharlesism on #RealTime @HBO!

Together again. This should be interesting. @BillMaher #billmaher @RealTimers @HBO #realtimers Larry Charles Dangerous World Of Comedy streaming now on @Netflix #netflix #dangerouscomedy #Religulous

“New Zealand gets their gun control on Amazon Prime, whereas in America, it’s delivered by a turtle who died in 1783.”

New Zealand announces a ban on assault rifles 6 days after a shooting: https://t.co/YXERTACw2S

Bombing onstage is one thing; bombing on TV in front of millions of people is another. @roywoodjr #ThisIsNotHappening

What happened to Rudy Giuliani? That's this week on "Unsolved Mysteries: White House Edition"

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