It only gets creepier when you see how Trump dances:

Trump: “If you hate our Country, or if you are not happy here, you can leave!”

Also Trump:

“Trump’s plan is to paint The Squad as the most un-American people possible… to appeal to that portion of white voters who determined the electoral college in the last election and say, ‘I’m with you, not these people.’” #BetweenTheScenes

@TheDailyShow Billy Joel singing the first verse of “we didn’t start the fire” #BeatTheChant

The “send her back” chants at Trump’s rally mark a new low:

.@Nas talks about bumping into Trevor in Russia and what pushed him to produce a second “The Lost Tapes” album 17 years after his first.

Trump says he "started speaking very quickly" to stop the "send her back" chant. Here are some things that take less time than he did to stop the chant.

1) Solving a Rubik's Cube underwater #BeatTheChant

A Daily Show Comedy Cellar takeover featuring @roywoodjr, @jaboukie, @michaelkosta, @dulcesloan and @ronnychieng.

Trump tried to distance himself from the “send her back” chants he inspired, but luckily, cameras exist. Full piece:

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