Ever wonder what happened to Teddy from Trevor’s book, “Born a Crime”? Here’s your answer! #BetweenTheScenes

.@TheLewisBlack takes on flat-earthers. Full piece: https://t.co/Bz9oy3GlXI

“What President Trump has put out into the world is a lot of hate, a lot of division and a lot of anxiety, and all of us is called to do something in this moment...we just have to decide what our something is.”

-@SenGillibrand on 2020: https://t.co/JQMQVlRmdl

Great to see the president here in Cali. I'm kidding, it made me spit up. Glad the fire is 55% contained. Unfortunately, he's only 10% contained.

Finally, a clear explanation of the Florida recount. Thanks @michaelkosta! https://t.co/hU8oVzDBs0

“Colin Powell helped lead America into the Iraq War, proving that a black man can ruin the Middle East just as much as a white man. That’s what I call true equality.”

@roywoodjr celebrates black veterans on this week’s CP Time.

Trump is coming to California to check on the wildfire situation. He says he can relate because, last Tuesday, he also lost a House.

Thanksgiving is in a few days, and that means spending time with family and some of whom we may not agree with politically. Let's stop talking politics to each other. We used to have no idea how much we really hated each other, and it worked! #TrumpFreeHoliday

#StartTheClock: @BillMaher is LIVE on @HBO with Rep. @EricSwalwell @Kasparov63 @VanJones68 @NancyMacLean5 + @SteveSchmidtSES for the #RealTime SEASON FINALE!

.@SenGillibrand on how Democrats -- herself included -- are approaching a potential 2020 presidential run. https://t.co/JQMQVlRmdl

I kind of like the idea of Melania firing everybody in the White House. And they should have seen it coming, the writing was on the coat.

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