Should America dump Trump, or can we make him leave on his own? @dulcesloan has a plan:

Trump doesn’t think he works for America, he thinks he owns it. @NealBrennan explains:

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LeBron James is drawing a lot of heat for not taking a stand against China and their oppression of Hong Kong.

.@aliwong’s wrote her book “Dear Girls” for her daughters. It’s graphic, real, and she hopes they don’t read it yet.

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Was Eliud Kipchoge able to run a marathon in under two hours because he had special Nikes?

Putting the G7 at Doral was Trump's idea. And once Trump gets an idea in his head, it never goes away, unlike his casinos, his wives, his hair and the Kurds. #EmolumentsClause #SideHustle #IfObamaDidIt

It seems @realDonaldTrump was accidentally watching Real Time again tonight. Hope he saw this offer to him at the end. #Prickstarter #TakeTheMoney

#StartTheClock: @BillMaher is LIVE with @AmbassadorRice, @dpletka, @thomaschattwill, @samstein + @neiltyson on #RealTime @HBO!

Trump is trying to get America to dump him-- or as @dulcesloan calls it, “pulling a Marvin.” Full piece:

So Pence's "Cease fire", i e, stopping to reload, seems to be only for one side, the Kurds. As Mike always says to his wife, "How come nobody takes me seriously, Mother?"

Trump has come full circle and is now using the ”I know you are but what am I?” defense.

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“Isn't it weird that in 2019, someone still has to make a movie trying to explain to people not to be a Nazi?” @TaikaWaititi discusses playing a buffoonish version of Hitler in “Jojo Rabbit.”

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There’s nothing Trump won’t do to profit off the presidency. He’ll be outside his own impeachment scalping tickets.

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Are there gay bugs? @jaboukie reveals his research.

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