"Miracles do happen": Maui hiker who went missing for two weeks found alive https://t.co/jqzKx93Q36

House passes bill that would bring major changes to U.S. retirement system https://t.co/2G8cTrXbgT

Landlord seeks to give 102-year-old woman the boot https://t.co/FafRDou9oW

Massive boulder closes Colorado highway "indefinitely" https://t.co/UfZ2vwfCLY

Stan Lee's ex-manager arrested for elder abuse https://t.co/Z8zInUO3wa

Hundreds of counter-protesters show up for KKK rally with less than a dozen attendees https://t.co/ElJutWPoSS

South Korean film "Parasite" wins Cannes' most prestigious award https://t.co/IYKHYkcQlb

Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting https://t.co/UdRH3KOOzr

Moby apologizes to Natalie Portman for dating claims in memoir https://t.co/uKcw6CKGxG

Owner had healthy dog euthanized so they could be buried next to each other https://t.co/m1ZEojResL

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