New Mexico passes a mini-Green New Deal

Indonesia's president opens a long-awaited subway in the country's capital aimed at staving off crippling traffic gridlock with comfortable transport facilities,

Sackler family sued by 500 cities, counties and tribes over opioid epidemic

Venezuelan power struggle creates diplomatic duel abroad.

Beto O'Rourke tells voters he would "trust women" on abortion access – but doesn't get specific

Pres. Trump in a "great mood" as Washington waits for Attorney General William Barr to act on special counsel report, sources say.

Boeing to make standard an $80,000 warning light that was not on doomed planes

Traveling for 3 days, 950 miles and in 5 supercars.

The destination? The Geneva Motor Show.

"Parks and Recreation" cast reunites and teases possible comeback

A fraternity at the University of Georgia has been suspended after video allegedly showing members whipping someone and referring to them picking cotton surfaced on social media.

Here's why the Mueller report could be good news for President Trump

Families of the Columbine High School shooting victims have gathered at the school to tell their stories, nearly 20 years after the tragedy.

Inside Facebook, "speculation" about Cambridge Analytica as early as September 2015

Barbra Streisand is apologizing for her remarks about Michael Jackson and two men who have accused him of sexual abuse.

Restaurateur Carl Sobocinski's secret to Southern hospitality

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