What’s with all the barricades? We see them all over New York. Steel bollards, large concrete blocks, giant flower pots — anyone seeing them in their cities? https://t.co/bPvq0FO5uA

Getting a lot of questions about my exchange with @realDonaldTrump today.
Yes, he was looking directly at me when he spoke.
Yes, I believe he heard me clearly. He answered two of my questions.
Here’s the full exchange:

Security camera footage shows a high-speed police foot chase through an Italian train station, when a commuter tackles the fleeing suspect, allowing police to catch up and arrest him. https://t.co/QA5GcVG3W9

A U.S. manufacturer had contracts for U.S. military uniforms all zipped up -- until a Japanese competitor complained https://t.co/RBSGGLltNZ

Longest total lunar eclipse of this century will turn the moon blood red this month https://t.co/YGM1J6BEX0 via @NBCNewsMACH

My Q: Does the president see election interference in 2016 & possibly in midterms as an attack on American democracy or just political opponents?
Sarah Sanders: We're making bold reforms to try to fix this and make sure it never happens again because we take it seriously.

In simply trying to tell an "Oakland story" with his new film "Blindspotting," Daveed Diggs covers a whole lot more https://t.co/1Z7NVqZcoZ

Border patrol officers in India leap into action to rescue a baby deer struggling to stay afloat after falling into the Simsang River. The fawn was safely pulled back on to dry land. https://t.co/s7mFndcw2b

WH Press Sec. Sanders on media response to accused Russian agent Butina: "Take a little bit of a step back, slow down, and quit going after the Trump administration on every single thing that takes place" https://t.co/2XaBDYP86r

"Weak," "poodle," and "stooge:" These were some of the ways European newspapers described Pres. Trump following his summit with Vladimir Putin. https://t.co/M10x0RuEzf

"We've all been through something really horrible, but we're all gonna get through it together."

Aly Raisman, along with other survivors who spoke out about Larry Nassar, to be honored with Arthur Ashe Courage Award at tonight's ESPYs. https://t.co/rEidnJTAPL

Scientists discover 12 more moons of Jupiter, including a really weird one https://t.co/6M8eSi8E5P via @NBCNewsMACH

Random act of kindness: Police officer caught on video helping a mom and her child escape a downpour https://t.co/hbDCHg9GsH

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem to cost more than $21 million—nearly 100 times Pres. Trump’s estimate. https://t.co/J5JyLxyLLb

I'll be joining @NewsHour tonight at 6pm on state and local homeland security efforts in light of ongoing (yes ongoing) Russian efforts; I'll then turn to home base @OutFrontCNN at 7. #vacationover

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