NEWS: @jahimes tells @margbrennan that Democrats will hold open hearings on impeachment and the Ukraine controversy but timing and witnesses are unclear.

Can Democrats proceed without deposing Rudy Giuliani? @jahimes tells @margbrennan “I think we can,” adds that “we have a lot of what we need.” But admits it's still important for his panel to talk to Giuliani.

When will Democrats ready articles of impeachment? “Little hard to answer,” @jahimes tells @margbrennan. Says more information comes out each day but Democrats want to know who gave the order to recall Amb. Yovanovitch and to withhold military aide to Ukraine.

From the U.S. working to bring violence to a standstill with a five-day ceasefire, to Democrats pouncing on White House officials as the impeachment process heats up. This was the week that was in Washington.

NOW: @Margbrennan talks Syria and impeachment with two House Intelligence members @jahimes and @hurdonthehill. We discuss Syria with Ret. Gen. Tony Thomas, @michaeljmorell and William Burns. And we talk impeachment with our political panel.

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NEW: In an exclusive interview with #MTP, Rep. @JustinAmash (I-Mich.) criticizes Trump for treating U.S. troops like "paid mercenaries"

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