.@AmbJohnBolton: “The president’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal has had a profound effect on Iran and the region as a whole." #SundayFutures @MariaBartiromo

.@AmbJohnBolton: “I think the president correctly understands, when China gets economic power by stealing from the United States and others, it’s time to call a stop to it.” #SundayFutures @MariaBartiromo

.@AmbJohnBolton: “I think the president will have a chance to show how full the international agenda is and how active he has been in each of these different areas.” #SundayFutures @MariaBartiromo

.@RepGoodlatte: “I think it is very, very important that the American people get access to the information that underlies all of this.” #SundayFutures @MariaBartiromo

Podcast alert:

Tonight: The first episode of the new @KasieDC podcast will be available. https://t.co/qhUdXg2ASc

.@RepGoodlatte: “I think if she is serious about these charges, she needs to come and testify, so I’m glad there’s at least a tentative agreement.” https://t.co/9WNtG4s03R #SundayFutures @MariaBartiromo

.@edhenry is live with the ‘Fox News Update’ on Facebook Watch: https://t.co/hNrB8xzepH

.@DevinNunes: “The first thing [@POTUS] should do is he should declassify all the documents that we’ve been asking for.” @foxandfriends

.@DevinNunes: “It’s not something that you joke about. It’s not something that you’re sarcastic about.” @foxandfriends

Asked whether President Trump should fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, @LindseyGrahamSC says: "He shouldn’t fire Rosenstein unless you believe Rosenstein’s lying, he said he did do the things alleged. But there’s a bureaucratic coup against President Trump being discovered here."

.@JessicaTarlov: “I think it is about finding the truth here.” @foxandfriends

.@LindseyGrahamSC: “I want to listen to Dr. Ford, I feel sorry for her. I think she is being used here. People in my view are using her.”

On meeting with Iranian leaders, @SecPompeo tells Chris: "The President’s been pretty clear; if there are constructive conversations to be had with the Iranians, the President is happy to have them."

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