In response to ⁦⁦@mercedesschlapp⁩’s ⁦@RealClearNews⁩ op-ed. Get your facts straight. And don’t mess with my family.

People are calling for the presidential debates to be canceled, but if that happens, how will I decide who to vote for?

I let a jellyfish sting me today, just for the physical contact.

Jimmy shares some hilarious posts he’s seen on social media this past week in What Are You Doing Wednesdays! ➡️ #FallonTonight

Nothing is boring if you auto tune it. Especially when you have the uber talented @iamjamiefoxx singing with you. Check out his new film #ProjectPower on @NetflixFilm Aug. 20.

From Trump’s mail-in voting claim to the live-action remake of #Mulan costing $30, here’s tonight’s monologue 👇 #FallonTonight

I am still available if Joe Biden changes his mind and decides to go with a white woman.

Turns out there was more footage from @JonathanVSwan’s @Axios interview with the President. #FallonTonight #AxiosTrump

From Trump’s recent Axios interview to Mac & Cheese for breakfast, here is tonight’s monologue 👇 #FallonTonight

We’re on tonight! Like soon... #FallonTonight #NBC right after your local news. Call up the station and see if they’ll put us on earlier. Why not? It’s a good show.

If Trump bans TikTok, what will I threaten to join when my kids don’t do their homework?

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