Who knew I’d love @halsey ‘s speaking voice as much as love her singing voice. Really funny and charming too. Well done on @SiriusXMHits1!

I’ll bet the minute John Wick enters a building, no one is more upset than its cleaning staff.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre = Movie
Florida Chainsaw Massacre = Headline

Fun show tonight! @danacarvey is here (and we have something fun planned with special guest Robert Smigel)! Plus, @emrata stops by and stand up from @chloe_hilliard! #FallonTonight

.@RealDonaldTrump prepares for his trip to Japan & #RexTillerson is "dumb as a rock"... #achomlishments

A recap of the backstage fun from Wed. night's #AllInTheFamily & #TheJeffersons #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience special & my talented substitute @LenaWaithe...

“Stairwell" is perhaps the most famous piece by Izabella Barta & Dimo Van Omen because of the deep meaning behind it. Consider Documentary Now! and watch “Waiting for the Artist”, now available on the IFC app. #FYC | #ad

#NosesOn in honor of #RedNoseDay! Go to https://t.co/Wdf16ZDvcW to learn more about @RedNoseDayUSA!!

Great Show Tonight: Harrison Ford is here, @_richardmadden stops by, and @bazzi performs! Plus, our entire audience is made up of servicemen and women from @USArmy, @USNavy, @usairforce, @USMC, and @uscoastguard in celebration of #FleetWeek! #FallonTonight

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