Professional bowlers used to be "the rockstars of sports." See the story of their epic resurgence in #DocumentaryNow's "Any Given Saturday Afternoon" Wed 11P on @IFC.

In the new millennial-inspired Bible, the Last Supper is now a vegan brunch.

Jane loves Alice Tapper’s new book (as does Dad @jaketapper) support the Girl Scouts @GSCNC and get it here “Raise Your Hand”

If you’re an Instagram Influencer who doesn’t have a picture of yourself in a sea of wildflowers, can I even trust your dry shampoo recommendations? SMH.

Durham, NC! The Carolina Theatre (@CarolinaDurham) has added another @SethMeyers show at 9:30! Get tickets now:

I saw Us and can confidently say that my current favorite film genre is @JordanPeele movies.

Tonight! Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@OfficialJLD), @joelkinnaman, and a performance from the Broadway cast of @AintTooProud! Plus, some of your funniest #SpringBreakHaiku tweets! #FallonTonight

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