Hello sweethearts! My cheeky little movie #JojoRabbit is now playing in NY & LA! Get your tickets now!
Additional cities each week, see when Jojo’s coming to your town.

When Tom Steyer drops out of the race, it’ll mean we still won't have a billionaire president.

I just heard a box of adult diapers whisper “See you real soon.”

Do you love THIS IS BABY by @JimmyFallon? Enter to win a signed copy by posting a photo of your kiddo reading Jimmy's latest book with #ThisIsMYBaby! Parent or legal guardian must be the photographer & poster of the submission. https://t.co/CQFRQzdXTl

It was nice of Chief of Staff @MickMulvaneyOMB to confess FOR @RealDonaldTrump #quidproquo #G7Summit

The #Guillermobile makes its last stop on the road to #KimmelinBrooklyn at the famous @BobAndBarbs drag show in #Philly! @IamGuillermo

It’s #1!!!! This is Baby is #1!!! We did it!!!! I can’t even tell you how fun this has been to do. I hope everyone enjoys the book over and over. And thank you again.

As an improviser, I have to admire Trump's ability to keep heightening.

Nancy Pelosi told Trump, “All roads lead to Putin.” So, there’s an infrastructure plan after all.

It's smart of Trudeau to hold the election before Halloween, I mean why even tempt yourself?

Pedestrians tell us how they feel about their bosses in a special #NationalBossDay edition of #HideAndSpeak...

.@IamGuillermo’s cross-country caravan rolls through #Pittsburgh for french fry stuffed sandwiches at @PrimantiBros! Next stop @BobAndBarbs in #Philly TONIGHT! #KimmelinBrooklyn #Guillermobile

NEW #CrankYankers TONIGHT with @DavidAlanGrier @Iliza @TheTonyBarbieri @TracyMorgan @TimHeidecker @EricWareheim & yours truly on @ComedyCentral 10:30|9:30c

As much as I love New Zealand, I can't wait to get back to America. Also, for America to get back to America.

New Zealand’s own @TaikaWaititi, director of the excellent and insane new movie #JojoRabbit on that & #Thor too... @Marvel

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