Congratulations to our at-home winner, Amy! West Coast, make sure you download the app before tonight’s episode of #GameofGames for your chance to win $5,000!

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Oh, Steven, you came so far. At least you got to sing @BritneySpears and @TaylorSwift13 in front of all of America. #HotHands #GameofGames

See ya later, Bryce. You should’ve known Betta. #KnoworGo #GameofGames

Talk about 3 incredible people. I can’t wait to shake them down a mountain covered in slime. #MountStEllen #GameofGames

If you’re at the Warner Bros. cafeteria tomorrow, do not eat the spaghetti. #YouBetYourWife #GameofGames

True story: I invented this game one day when I accidentally fastened my bra around my bedpost. #AwSnap #GameofGames

There's a ton of crazy new games on #GameofGames tonight. Here’s one you can play right now! Get a front-row seat at 8 on NBC!

We wanna hear the most embarrassing thing your mom ever did. Use the hashtag #OhMyMom, and @GoldieHawn & Kate Hudson might read it on my show.

Tonight after #GameofGames, don’t miss #SplittingUpTogether at 9:30! I’m gonna need my own network.

This is the biggest game we’ve ever made. So, of course we had to make @AndyLassner try it. #GameofGames #MountStEllen

.@GDeLaurentiis wants me to look ridiculous the next time I go to an Italian restaurant.

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