Poor, sweet Joel. Nobody expected @SnoopDogg to throw this well... or this hard.

You’re not gonna want to miss this @TheKalenAllen Reacts. Unless you’re chicken. #OMKalen

I gave the Daniels Family a half a million dollars to give to deserving people. We can watch how they spent it together. Don’t miss the premiere of @DoGoodDaniels on Tuesday! @ellentube

I wasn’t expecting to give a car away this fast. This was crazy. @JustinVerlander @Astros #AstrosOnEllen #ThanksSponsor

.@SnoopDogg was here, and I’ve never seen my staff eat more chocolate chip cookies.

.@official_tWitch and his family are so adorable, I sent them traveling around the country in an RV for a new digital series! This is gonna make you smile. @Allisonholker @ellentube

.@official_tWitch played a new game called “Do You Think They Can Dab?” As usual, he was very good at it.

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