Let’s all be more like @IMKristenBell. @BreneBrown #Momsplaining https://t.co/R61fUUUfUk

.@TheKalenAllen + Mary Halsey = best #SaturKay ever.

Watch more #OMKalen: https://t.co/VrmEHssvRQ

.@BethBehrs told me about the show she did on @ellentube to save the bees, so in honor of that, I scared the beejeezus out of @AndyLassner. https://t.co/gNDm0MoQvH

.@iamWandaSykes is never not hilarious.

Watch the full clip on @ellentube: https://t.co/B3jKDTm8jT

Winner of #AGT @ShinLimMagic performed some magic for me. My jaw would be on the floor if I didn’t have a card in my mouth.

There will be an all-new episode of #Momsplaining with @IMKristenBell on @ellentube tomorrow! Tell Siri to remind you. @BreneBrown

I’ve been waiting to see 9-year-old Jaylah dance on my show ever since I first saw her. Today it happened.

.@GoldieHawn and Kate Hudson told me about giving birth. Apparently, you need a magnolia and a pizza.

Watch the full clip on @ellentube: https://t.co/TgidB0tmlF

#TheBachelor @Colton met his first three bachelorettes right here. #KnowOrGo

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