Foreign policy is hard when you don’t know anything about the world. Seth takes #ACloserLook at how Trump is learning the hard way.

"The ultimate test is how you handle it when Trump publicly humiliates you."

Trevor assesses Trump & Macron's day of bromance:

France's Emmanuel Macron rekindles his bromance with President Trump, and @JonahNRO talks "Suicide of the West."

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"We all know Trump is not the sentimental type, but Macron made him feel a way he's never felt before: human."

Donald Trump hosts French President Macron at the White House:

Tonight at 11/10c, Donald Trump shows French President Macron some of the toys in his playroom.

Trevor reacts to unearthed recordings showing that Trump lied his way onto the Forbes 400 list back in the 80s. #BetweenTheScenes

"It’s no wonder some Republicans are distancing themselves from the president as Trump threatens to drag them down in November. Statistically speaking, anyone who gets too close to Trump has a good chance of being raided by the FBI." #ACloserLook

Trump calls missile strike 'a big successful hit' - nothing mob boss about that. Claims 0 civilian casualties; Syria says 3 injuries, which makes Syrian gas plants safer than Coachella.

Michele Obama wanted us to lose weight by eating better - Trump has a different method: make us picture him having sex.

All the news this week about the Trump family affairs & porn stars. This must be the breakdown of the family that conservatives warned us about if we allowed gay marriage.

The shake-ups at The Trump White House and Casino have just gone into overdrive. Next week he will be replacing Jeff Sessions with Matlock. #NotNormal #TrumpCabinet

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