I'm sure his campaign has some retroactive justification for it, but it's funny to still see analysis like With Poll Numbers Flagging, Trump Pivots To Being A Weird Asshole About Whatever Is On TV. The master dealsmith weighing his options and deciding to be how he always is.

.@nytimes did you run this through our Trump Racist Euphemism Headline Generator? https://t.co/RSzk5EaRse

Now that everybody's on the story I was begging them to cover for 3 yrs - Trump not leaving - I'm actually less worried about it. He fucked up so bad even the "rough ppl" he was counting on might not back him.That's the bright side of your country hitting rock bottom - Happy 4th!

How did African refugee Wilmot Collins get elected mayor in the heart of Trump country? @roywoodjr reports:

We’re giving you this Best of @JordanKlepper at Trump rallies video one more time, it’s too good:

Sure President Trump did nothing about Russia's bounties on American troops, but remember when Obama wore a bike helmet

Following President Trump’s use of the offensive phrase “kung flu” to describe the coronavirus, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended Trump and said Trump is “linking it to its place of origin.” It’s the same reason he refers to McEnany as “Liar Factory.”

Trump said millions of mail-in ballots will be printed by foreign countries.
And you know, there's one thing Donald Trump will not stand for, and that's foreigners meddling in an American election. #PutinsClaws

Trump has given up “Keep America Great” and gone back to “Make America Great Again.” Let that inform your vote for an incumbent.

Hey @TheDemocrats, we're making some headway here. Can we not turn this into something that makes people want to vote for Trump? Yes, we should #divertthefunds but not #defundthepolice. #CommunityFirst #BlackLivesMatter

🎶 Oooooklahoma, where the Trump comes stokin' racial flames 🎶

.@Shaq on George Floyd, Trump, discrimination, law enforcement, and his family...

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