I don’t need the Mueller report to know Trump is a traitor. I have a TV. w/@RepSwalwell #SubpoenaMueller

Trump has tweeted over 170 times that this is a witch hunt. And yet there are criminal charges against 34 people, including six Trump associates Manafort/Cohen/Flynn/Stone/Papadopoulos and Gates that's a lot of witches.

Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t a real thing, so, on the rare occasion when Trump says something not stupid, don’t act like you have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

A team of three men just burst into my apartment and are currently tying me to my chair so I don't make a joke about how the Mueller report says that Trump has been pretending to be his own wife, who's leaving him

“I really can’t believe Trump is beefing with a dead man… and losing.”

The late Senator John McCain is still on Donald Trump’s mind. Full clip: https://t.co/XK9rCWSA4w

President Trump attacks the late John McCain and longtime critic George Conway, @DesiLydic sheds light on women's innovations, and Texas GOP Rep. @HurdOnTheHill chats with Trevor.

Listen and subscribe: https://t.co/4u1Wxa3b73

Trump vs. George Conway! Trump vs. John McCain! Devin Nunes vs. @DevinCow! Seth takes #ACloserLook at today’s most important political feuds.

What if Trump can actually see McCain’s ghost and we’re all just making fun of the grown-up kid from THE SIXTH SENSE?

Trump seems really nervous about the Mueller report, but he might just be anxious that he'll have to read something.

It’s not that hard to accuse Donald Trump of bigotry. Here, watch Seth prove it. #ACloserLook

Is there anything more unseemly than Trump constantly attacking a dead war hero? He did it again today, always denigrating John McCain - and McCain's widow, Lindsay Graham, says nothing!

I see Twitter got made because Beto's wife didn't talk during his announcement. You're right, he's a sexist monster, we're better off with Trump. To my FarLeft friends: you're doing it again. Amy can talk or not, her call, but you need to shut the fuck up.

@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Johnny Carson literally did jokes about Trump evicting people from their homes. Anyway, have a good day.

A new book saying that Trump wanted to fire Ivanka from her White House job leaves out some important details. Like: what is Ivanka’s White House job?

re Manafort et al: One way to tell you haven't picked "the best people" is they go to jail more often than in Monopoly. That's one campaign promise Trump has kept - getting criminals off the street.

I wonder which college basketball team will get to watch Trump eat 300 room temperature cheeseburgers.

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