Donald Trump is the Jon Taffer of political rallies. This is: Rally Rescue.

Without knowing why “Corn Pop” is trending, I’m thinking it’s:
a) Trump talking about black ops
b) Biden describing a soda he loves which does not exist
c) a new dance
d) a wildly popular new app

President Trump has fired National Security Advisor John Bolton.

And you have to appreciate the irony of John Bolton being taken out by a pre-emptive strike.

“Democrats have firm ideas about what being electable means. But the fact that Trump is president means that literally anyone is electable.”

New York Times columnist @jbouie gives his take on the third Democratic presidential debate and the meaning of electability.

Sam sits down with undocumented workers formerly employed at Trump properties to learn about the injustices they faced while working for the World’s Worst Boss.

What exactly did Trump expect from John Bolton? #ACloserLook

A new book for MAGA kids: Donald and the Magic Sharpie! #SharpiePresident

Good to read how farmers are finally fed up with the "trade war" - finally getting it that every Trump deal ends in a schoolyard beating with Trump in tears and a carrot up his ass. Except now he's losing OUR lunch money.

Trump, the financial genius, is driving the economy over the cliff.
Did you see what happened in the stock market this week? I spent more time gasping for breath than Jeffrey Epstein.

After our segment on SNAP last week, your comments poured in. Over 7,000 of them! Can we get to 10K? Join us in the fight to stop the Trump administration from cutting 3.1 million families from food stamps.

You can now buy Trump 2020-branded straws for $15 a pack, which is a great way to let people know you suck.

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