What we’ve learned so far: If there was a coronavirus warning, Trump ignored it.

On today's #LNSM Podcast: @KamalaHarris! Plus, @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook at Trump contradicting experts on coronavirus treatment after months of denial.

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Trump fired the intelligence watchdog who informed Congress of the Ukraine phone call. See, life’s already getting back to normal!

"If you think that, during a campaign, you are not going to see a lot of money from the Trump administration going to battleground states...you would be grossly underestimating the venality of this president."

Watch @BernieSanders join @BillMaher on #RealTime:

Trump wants to open up the nation by Easter because he clearly observes Christian holidays. For example, he gave up your grandparents for Lent.

For the good of the country, every time Trump has a press conference @NYGovCuomo should have to do 2.

Trump “we’ve learned about social distancing” four minutes after this moment.

Instead of the 30-day pause that Trump announced today in a pledge to keep this great and important industry going. Let's take this opportunity to push the entire disgusting business out to sea and give it the Viking funeral it so richly deserves. #CoronaVirus #CoronaCruise

"You wanna say that the Trump Tower condominium is 10,000 sq. ft. when it's 1,000? No problem. But you can't lie about the science."

Watch Anthony @Scaramucci's take on why Trump's #coronavirus talk is tanking the markets on #RTOvertime:

Trump said he had a hunch that the virus wasn't as bad as the World Health Organization says. So on the one side, you have the World Health Organization. On the other side, you have a guy who stared at an eclipse. #TrumpHunch #Covid19

I don't care which old white guy we wheel into the Oval Office. If Trump can take money from criminals and foreign governments, you can take it from Aetna. #TakeTheMoney #BeatTrump2020

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