About HashGap

The concept behind HashGap is simple: by creating custom, hand-curated mashups of related Twitter feeds, we’re providing a clean and simplified way to view trending topics on Twitter.

The volume of daily tweets can be overwhelming, and with HashGap, we hope to help users find the most interesting updates grouped by topic.

We’re new and small, but looking for creative Twitter heads to join us and help create these mashups. If that sounds like you, contact us.

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Twitter mashup for the remote work lifestyle: #remotework #workfromhome

Get the latest NFL trade & acquisition updates here: https://t.co/0uyfC3datn

We're back, and with a new name - Hash Gap. The platform has changed: only approved moderators can create Twitter mashups. Join us to build your own:

Political satire on TweetMash:
Featuring @TheDailyShow, @billmaher, @pattonoswalt and @StephenAtHome

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